Wear Gray … but not today

When Wear Gray begins on Sunday, Elymode will introduce the adorable new Joell set, with a sweetheart top and pants, to benefit The American Brain Tumor Association.

The optional shrug also is available, though it is not a benefit item.

Ely went all out to design something special for the cause, which has personal meaning to her. The benefit sets are available in combos of red and brown or black and purple. As always, they are made to pair with a number of separates in her shop.

Another reason I’m blogging early is to share the new Nomine Viscera skins. I’m a proud and shameless fangirl of both Munch and Ely. If you hurry you may be able to catch the outrageous sale on the new skin line at Nomine. And stop by Wear Gray for Elymode and more.


Pics 1 and 2 include Aoharu Nina03b caramel hair for Hair Fair, Elymode Joell top and pants in red/brown for Wear Gray and the Joell shrug (not for Wear Gray but available there), Nomine Viscera stained fawn skin, Mandala Takara Rock brown ring/nails, A-Bomb Gidge patent shoes, Sissi lashes 01, Poetic summer dry soil eyes.

Pic 3 changes to Decoy Arina 2 in light ash brown for Hair Fair, Nomine Viscera kerosene fawn skin, Elymode Joell top in black/purple and black pants for Wear Gray, EarthStones Kolo jewelry, Candy Nail jelly purple.

Pic 4 changes to Decoy Leah hair in copper brown for Hair Fair, Nomine bronze Viscera alejandro skin, Reale Front Tie Bolero, Elymode Joell pants in brown (new for Wear Gray), PM Jori Sculpted Nails, YS&YS The Deck Sharon Bangles.

All four pics use EverGlow Model poses.


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