Gray Hair

I have all I want from Hair Fair and now am waiting for Wear Gray. I’ve hit almost every benefit and sale I can imagine. But I want more.

I’ve pieced together the look I want for my fall uniform. I cheated using an old dress from inventory. Please, beloved designers, make me skirts that are above the knee but don’t become belts when I sit. Something fitted but not on a system layer. And tights that aren’t shiny or ripped, and that have a useful sock layer.

Credits: W&Y 148 Type A hair from Hair Fair, AMD Jessica Deep Tan night vamp skin, SE Designz Woll Coat in grey, Linc Wool Panty in black, Decoy Maya scarf in plain red, Gisaci Sunset Boulevard dress in black, Bax Prestige boots in black suede, Candy Nails Hana, Izumiya Tote Bag and Miamai model pose.


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