I Feel for You

Inspired by the hair and unable to find a suitable gesture for annoying unsuspecting friends, I decided to blog instead. I knew it was fate, the moment I started to write, the goddess of the great rack, err, creative talent behind Nomine, sent a notice — ALL Nomine skins are on sale on XStreet.

Hair like this makes me feel bold, powerful. It makes me want to put on my Hello Kitty Pink Fists of Doom and take out the nearest level 70. I know one. I might be able to con him into bowling, but I doubt he’d ever willingly fall to a big-haired girl armed only with a schoolgirl skirt and pink docs, dyed to match the sword I don’t carry because it knocks off the nails.

So instead it’s blog pics for me. Sadly for the three men who follow my blog faithfully (<3 you), I forgot to take a shot of me in just the hair.

Next time.


Pic 1 includes CandyDoll Lolita shirt top, LP Devochka skirt jacket layer, Elymode Pacifica black Gypsy skirt, ByKay Vamp lashes and Flower edition prim nails, Nomine Mosaic glitter neo bronze skin, Detour Unravel B dark brown hair, Aimesi Eyes2 Fall, Tiny Bird dark brown hair base on tattoo layer, Miel Sey necklace, Baubles Silver Bangles.

Pic 2 changes to ByKay Kayla jewelry in Olive and prim ring and nail set; LP Inna Jeans, Fools Fate Black Vamp Leather Zipper boots, Elymode Simply Sheer black modesty bra and tank (two layers), Pink Fuel Chai Broken Hearts Bleed skin, Artilleri Love Love glasses.

Pic 3 changes to YS & YS Adriana Technicolor skin, Zanzo Shahanshah V-Neck Sweater, WoE Kloe Dragon jeans, G Field Bow Strap Kate shoes in black.

All use Exposeur poses and What Next Beach Cottage daybed.


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