I’m an easy mark.

Not powerful enough in my role play to defend myself (stupid CCS levels) so I get taken out. A lot. And by taken out, I don’t mean in the “let me buy you dinner before I boink you” way.

Really, this is my motivation for trying to look like an uber-hot shape-shifting demoness. I can’t out-sword anyone, but I sure as hell can out shop ’em.


Glam Affair Sofia dark for the Dressing Room, Aoharu FroralMaxiDress top for the Dressing Room, Elymode Long Simple skirt in grape, Gos Floppy Hat (scripted color change, three brim styles, more than 300 options total), SLink Jolie Pied feet, Detour Bob III black hair, Candy Nail Clear Glitter Fresh French, Baubles color change bangles, Poetic Star Neptune eyes, MiaMai NoAlpha 10 lashes, exposeur *Spreeeee! poses.

*Editor’s note: There may be more eeees in Spreeeeee! Ruby gave the set a confusing name, leaving me to guess the number of eeees. There totally is an exclamation point, however.


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