So Random – NqSFW

Some boys are creative, I’ll say that.

Let me set the scene. I’m at the bookstore, my role play hangout, doing nothing in particular other than looking like some sort of demonic kitteh.
I get am IM …

Random NearbyDude: hey
Me: Can I help you?
Random NearbyDude: im looking for a gf
Me: And you picked my name randomly?
Random NearbyDude: yep
Me: and where did you find my name?
Random NearbyDude: in the nearby people on the people list
Me: Interesting, you don’t appear to be nearby
Random NearbyDude: about in the middle of it
Random NearbyDude: really
Random NearbyDude: im just wierd like that
Me: Well good luck to you
Random NearbyDude: lol thanks and btw your pretty hot

Um, thanks?


Pic 1 Solange Siren in lime with short skirt (so many options!) and ruffles V1 (yay it comes with all of the accessories), Yelena 2 hair in cranky brown, SLink Jolie Pied feet, Burroughs Shanti anklets, League Taylor feline skin, Poetic Star Neptune eyes, MiaMai NoAlpha Lashes 10.

Pic 2 changes to Solange Siren in mauve with long skirt and ruffles V4, Mandala Takara pink nails.

Both use exposeur‘s new Belly Dance poses.


One response to “So Random – NqSFW

  • Salvatore Otoro

    I’m still laughing from the randomness of that IM. The funniest lines are “I’m just weird like that” and “lol thanks.” I would have grabbed a pic, except he was still wet behind the ears with the system hair, t-shirt, and pants.

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