Quiz Show

You think someone knows you.

Mate: I know what you want and what you don’t want.

Me: Oh really? Answer this … *insert basic question* ?

Mate: Fumbling incorrect answer.

Me: OK, answer this … *something very personal between us* ?

Mate: Answer about another relationship, with another woman.

Me: Wow, OK, how about this … *something any cute male I RP with knows* ?

Mate: Generic answer that could apply to almost anyone.

Me: OK, an easy one. What’s my name? *points to writing above my head*

I had a good laugh at his expense. As I dropped large sculpted boulders set to physical on his head in my mind. Over and over.


Nomine Mosaic Red Riding Hood skin, Haven Picnic Sundress in red, I Love Olive Luani hair, Role Optic Bono glasses, JD Design butterfly jewelry, Elymode facial piercing, Gos 8 Hole Docs, Poetic Star Jupiter eyes, Negko Design Warrior Soul tattoo, Mandala Takara bronze nails.

OMFG Sport Stella Yoga outfit, Tuli Jade tone 3 for ICON, Mandala Takara white nails,  Detour Stage Lashes, Negko Design Warrior Soul tattoo, fri.day Marie hair, Gos Espadrilles in fuchsia (color on sale now on XStreet).

BOOM Bodacious top in cherry, Rezlpsa Loc jean shorts, Aglaia Glam upper arm bracelet, Tekeli-li Melange bracelet, AMD Mia toffee nude skin, fri.day Amelia 2 hair, Gos Butterfly glasses, Candy Nail basic prim red, Negko Design Wrath Angel tattoo.

All use Exposeur High Fashion poses.


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