So Limiting

As I have with my views on alts, I’ve also softened my position on RP limits.

I vote for none. Roll with the hand dealt, play it in a way that is true to your character and any promises you’ve made.

Otherwise, artificial limits are a crutch. And in the end, meaningless.


Pic 1 Rockberry Kalista tan skin, Nomine Johanna dress in mosaic, Stellar tintable Model lashes, Candy Nail Snow Pink, Poetic Fairy hansel eyes, Burroughs Eva jewelry.

Pic 2 changes to ByKay Aizza jewelry, Gracies Bridal Real Grace gown, I Love Olive Maya hair, Candy Nail basic brown prim nails.

Pic 3 changes to I Love Olive Lucy hair.

All use Exposeur poses.


4 responses to “So Limiting

  • Mykal Sonic

    As I’ve been saying since we’ve met, RP limits are things that should be RP’ed in, or out, of as needed. I think this is a wonderful standpoint, and I applaud you for taking it on. Just goes to show ya, you’re still a top notch RP’er… even if that’s my book reflecting it πŸ™‚

    Also… Yum!

  • felesseitan

    Aww thanks Myk πŸ˜‰

    Yeah, it took spending some time in RP to decide how I really felt about limits. I respect others who choose to have limits, totally, it’s such a personal issue. The big thing for me is I no longer think I’d ask anyone I was with to have limits, and I won’t artificially place them on myself either. If an issue arises, the problem really isn’t RP after all.

    • Mykal Sonic

      “If an issue arises, the problem really isn’t RP after all.”

      Nail on the head. Issues in RP should be left to content and rules alone. Anything outside of that shouldn’t be an issue – if it is, there are too many personal problems clouding the RP.

      I love hearing this coming from you – your RP’ing continues to evolve, and I can only assume you’ve become a stronger, better player because of it.

      • Salvatore Otoro

        Hah, Mykal. Feles has certainly grown within the RP in a short period of time. I still remember when I first brought her to watch and when she joined up. A lot has happened since then but some aspects that were hard to understand are now clear. RP has to be kept separate from personal issues otherwise it becomes messy and loses it’s fun. When it loses its fun the game becomes a chore much like work or RL can be.

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