Hear No Evil

I love my evil IC family. That is all I’m gonna say.

Now, please enjoy these pictures featuring Nomine’s revamped Aether skins.

After the dust settles I will have lots of fun updates of my little adventures.


Nomine Mosaic Aether midnight skin (revamped), Material Squirrel Demon Army Wings and Malediction Horns, SYSY’s dark gray tank, Tuli grey Creature eyes, fri.day Amelia 2 hair.

Nomine Mosaic Aether blood skin, Material Squirrel Abyss red demon wings and Malediction horns (tinted), Mandala Takara black Buddha nails, League Duct Tape set, fri.day Yelena 2 hair.

Nomine Mosaic Aether hulk skin, Material Squirrel Nimue Wings and Malediction horns (tinted), Mandala Takara Oriental Forest green nails, Solange green lace mini, Tuli green Creature eyes, Haven False Modesty nipple stickies, Magika Mia hair.
All use exposeur poses.

8 responses to “Hear No Evil

  • Salvatore Otoro

    I love you too and I’m always here for you, no matter what happens.

  • Mykal Sonic

    Are you tagging your evil IC family as asshats? That’s not very nice of you!

    I’m not so sure about the green skin, I think I’m just biased because of the subject – don’t tell her though. She-hulk is a weird tone perhaps? But the other two are pretty fantastic 🙂

    Sidenote: Hope you shaved in pic 2…

  • Salvatore Otoro

    Hmmm, food for thought I suppose. The red and green skins are my favorites. Somewhere, I have a rendering of Lilith in green skin and this is pretty close to it. I did have some good advice on how to use duct tape with asshats.


  • felesseitan

    *sticks her tongue out at Myk* I most certainly did not call them that, silly. And I make no connection between the tape and the face in that pic (and I heart the green skin *sticks out tongue again) 😉

    *hugs Sal* Thank you. You’ll have to show me that rendering. I think Av has her look ready for the RP but you never know.

  • Munchflower

    hahah, Well that’s why there’s a whole slew of colors 😉 I’m not terribly fond of the green one either, but I didn’t make them for me. She looks fantastic in all of them at any rate, and thank you again, Feles. ❤

  • Chesire Cat

    You know, I really do like reading your blogs. I do got admit each has a great inspiration of flavors. I do giggle on some of words attached to the blog itself but it has even helped me when working with styles of clothing. But even for a glutton, I like to think Lamashtu is a charcoal like skin, with eyes of pure red. I find the charcoal like skin has a special place in my heart. I do got to say all these colors look great.

    PS. – lurves ya too, Feles. From your sister Glutton. I love the family too.. I enjoy my time with them. Very tight knitted group..

  • felesseitan

    I love them! I’m always looking for a variety of looks for my RP char, these are perfect ❤

  • felesseitan

    Come back soon, Glutton … your family needs ya! And besides, you missed me going all ghetto kitteh and killing an annoying mindreading human tonight!

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