Ignorance is Bliss

I’ve done a 180 when it comes to alts.

I think that is the perfect way for someone to cheat. At least that way the one cheated on isn’t left cleaning up the mess when the mistress starts sending hostile IMs and NSFW chat logs.

So kudos to the stupid boys who cheat as alts. Oh I’ll still hand you an asshat if you hit on me. But I have a new appreciation for the why.


Pic 1 Haven Michelle top for Stumblebum, Tuli Tanya skin, Gisaci Journey Tweed Slacks, Poetic autumn chestnut eyes, SiSSi Lashes, Candy Nail Jel Clear Drops peach, fri.day Kate hair, Mariposa Oceanic bracelet, Baubles Origins necklace, JD Design simple bracelet, Stiletto Moody Brigitte shoes, IZUMIYA Tote Bag, Arctic Greenhouse Orchid Planter.

Pic 2 changes to Exile Leslie hair, WoE Cary Sweater Dress, Tuli Gina skin and amethyst gem eyes.

Pic 3 changes to Dreams Tank Dress, Truth Lourdes hair, Tuli Jade tone 1 and ruby gem eyes, and YS&YS Stiletto Open Baby.

All use Diesel Works poses.

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