Playing the Fool

What’s that song about everybody plays the fool sometimes?

I have. And for totally unnecessary dramatic effect, I will say no more on the matter. See, the one involved won’t recognize it. And the ones who mistakenly think this is about them, well, gives ’em something to talk about.


PIC ONE — Haven Nomad Rabbit outfit, Garage braided bracelets, Nomine Mosaic Pierrot skin 6 from Zombie Popcorn Festival, Amelia 2 hair, Poetic cat blue moon eyes, Mandala Takara Rock brown nails. PIC TWO — Elymode Danaini outfit , SiSSi Wrist Kanji summer, Candy Nail Clear Glitter French, Nomine Mosaic Pierrot 4 skin, Michelle 2 hair, Baubles color change bangle. PIC THREE — SySy’s Summer dress in blue, ByKay Aizza jewelry, Marie hair, Heart & Soul Joan RFL denim shoes, Candy Nail Runway white, Nomine Mosaic Pierrot 3 skin. AND Diesel Works poses (on sale through July 23 and check out the photo contest, too). Be sure to hit Zombie Popcorn Festival for the Nomine skins. Oh yeah and other stuffs, too.

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