You would think choosing the sure thing would be a no brainer.

Sometimes, though, guaranteed happiness isn’t enough to fend off the what-ifs.

In the end I went with the sure bet with a twist. My rules, my way, based on what would make me happy.

I can’t recall a time I’ve played my SL that way.


BOOM Infinity bikini floral orange, Dernier Cri Ann hair, AMD Mia coffee skin, Aglaia Glam bracelets, LacieCakes Piper NomNom necklace, SLink Mikaela white shoes, Candy Nail Clear Glitter French Fresh, Poetic blue moon cat eyes.

Reasonable Desires Burlesque Bride set, SiSSi Loose Pearls, Mhaijik Things Pearl and Gem earrings, EarthStones Lacy bracelet, Boon ZG0223 hair, Gos DARE Booties red, Miamai NoAlpha lashes 11.

SE Designz black and blue lingerie set, Baubles Stone Bangle, Pewter Night Bangle and Midnight Dance necklace, Truth Paula hair, Miamai NoAlpha lashes 10.

Diesel Works Scarlett poses.


2 responses to “Torn

  • Salvatore Otoro

    Playing SL your way is the best way to be happy and relatively stress free. The best thing about it is having the support of your closest and dearest friends. I am proud to be one of them.

  • Mykal Sonic

    As long as playing your way makes you happy, not much to complain about I hope 🙂 Excellent shots, as always… always nice to see stockings.

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