A friend who has been a faithful follower of my blog since the beginning asked if I’m getting bored with SL. Maybe? Or more like I’m in transition.

Time to get back to my roots. Sure, that means once again sporting max length blonde system hair … not being smart enough to know how to change the humiliating group tag over my head … and thinking the shoe base was optional.

A small price to pay to get the magic back.


Photo TWO (out of order, sorry) Happy Finds Galaxy Eater dress, Nomine Pleasure Bent brown shrug, Plastik LionHeart Tale Psyche skin, Analog Dog 17 hair, Mandala white metal nails, Poetic Star mars eyes, Mariposa Florita jewelry, Linc Wool Panty brown, Tesla Kensington bluesteel boots, Dutch Touch MaAn lashes.

Photo ONE changes to Cynful Denim CorsetOverall Capri, Tuli Gina promo skin,  Essentia Gem Deco Azurite & Silver earrings and necklace, ploom Arq hair, INDI Designs Liv salmon shirt, GaNKeD Adrift bracelets, Babsy Clogs.

Photo THREE changes to DK Designs Amy purple dress, Nomine Mosaic basic purple skin, Analog Dog Dive hair.

All three use EverGlow model poses.


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