A Little Romance

I had to laugh, listening to a RP group chat, with players lamenting the lack of *ahem* non-consensual escapades. The discussion was wistful and, in context, more appropriate than it might appear.

It got me to thinking about what I want. What I want changes regularly. I’m becoming SL selfish. I used to feel an obligation to my business, my sim, to others. I’ve shed myself of obligations and find myself wanting to be there just for me, to do whatever I want in the moment.

It helps me understand those who disappointed me in the past.


Pic 1 I Love Olive Isa brown hair, Snatch Stumblebum Spring Fling eggplant top, Sysy’s Cerra gown top red, Boom Rhapsody picnic skirt, Baubles Fall metal bangle, Miel Elo necklace, Dutch Touch MaAn cocoa copper skin, Poetic Summer dry soil eyes, LeLutka Photoshoot II lashes, Candy Nail Jelly Purple nails, iTuTu flower basket.

Pic 2 changes to Baiastice Shantung Flower gown, SiSSi Cutie necklace, Zaara Patra silver wire bracelets, Lapointe & BastChild Decadence Elite earrings, Lamb Lost hair, Dutch Touch MaAn lashes.

Pic 3 changes to Baiastice Auti gown, Dernier Cri Ann hair, SiSSi Loose Pearls, EarthStones Lacy Bracelet, Baubles Silver Bangle, Candy Nail Glitter French Fresh. Butterfly from LAP Pose Fair set.

Exposeur Geek Chic and Shameless Flirt poses.


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