It’s Not About You

Eeeps, someone misread a blog and thought I was mocking him (I wasn’t.)

See kids, I talk generally. Sure, there are guys I make fun of, but trust me, they are such asshats they would never realize I’m mocking them because they buy into the lie that any behavior is acceptable in SL.

I do not, however, use my blog to send veiled messages. If I want you to know something, you will know it. Know more about it than you ever wanted, in fact. Until then, read and relax and enjoy. I’ll go find more asshats to mock. But, it’s not you 😉


Pic 1 Grasp Allmeru dress and Rose heels, Trubble Long Dirty Pearls, Ticky Tacky Per la Principessa earrings, ellabella A Rose by Any Other Name piercings, Burroughs Jack bracelet, Mandala Takara rock nails, League Taylor dark feline skin, Boon ZG0223 black hair, Dutch Touch MaAn lashes.

Pic 2 changes to Elymode Wrapped giraffe natural swimsuit, Role Optic Avori glasses, Miel Cue jewelry, YourShape FeelFree Earth shoes, Mandala Takara bronze nails, Boon TOM245 black hair.

Pic 3 changes to Pig The Helendale bodysuit,  Boon XFE275 hair, Miamai No Alpha lashes 14, Mandala Takara pink nails, Baubles texture change bangles.

Diesel Works Diva II poses.


3 responses to “It’s Not About You

  • Mykal Sonic

    Does that notice also count even if we happen to be in a set of pictures? 😛

    *goes back to holding his tongue*

  • felesseitan

    Well, I suppose if there is a picture of me handing an asshat to someone …


  • Mykal Sonic

    I will be sure to refuse any asshats from you, were I to ever grace your blog again. Actually, I’ll just try to duck them wherever I am – my booty really doesn’t need a cap, last I checked.

    On the other hand, mocking me… well that’s normal.

    Stop it Ely. I know the door was wide open there…

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