Double Shot

Stormy night for me equals catching on up my blog love.

Someone asked me why I blog what I do. First, there are some designers I love and want to support. Most items I purchase myself or receive through SL modeling gigs — I don’t ask for for handouts for this blog. Well, except from Ely because I am her photo set slave, it’s a fair exchange.

I also benefit from being in a bloggers group, where many generous designers new and old share review copies. Because everyone on the list gets the same items I make an attempt to mix with my own things.

The stories of my misadventures? Something to fill the space between pics.


Pic 1 Elymode RubyStar set in purple, Pink Fuel Basil Shy Fawn skin, Candy Nail jelly purple, Magika Mia hair, Zaara Patra silver bracelet, LC Piper NomNom necklace, Soreal Superstars pink/white. xoxo Ania pose.

Pic 2 Surf Couture slouchy thread sweater, Styligion SUB black jeans, PXL July SpringPale skin, Joyce Dreamscape Design skull black belt, Candy Nail Hana red, Tesla Klaks clogs, Exile Mercy hair. EverGlow pose.

Pic 3 Garage Beatrice skin, 5th&Oxford Lila slip, Mandala Takara pink nails, Burroughs Romance earrings, Cameron 2 hair. xoxo Ania pose.


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