I Missed Monday

Monday was full of fail — pictures causing crashes, an inability to make someone realize I’m always right. So my Monday blog became a Tuesday offering. It’s Tuesday, right?

 Lately I’ve been trying to mix things up, to wear pieces that don’t necessarily belong. Sometimes I’m successful.

Or at least more successful than I am at ‘splaining how girl logic always wins.


Pic 1 SySy’s Ruby jumpsuit in red, Garage Pamp black earrings and necklace, Khush Jess red shirt, Joyce Dreamscape Design simple black bracelet, Nomine Mosaic bronze glitter neo skin, Lamb Oh Sugar hair, Stiletto Moody Brigitte black, SiSSi lashes, Mandala Takara black nails, Poetic autumn golden leaves eyes. xoxo Ania waitress pose.

Pic 2 changes to LP Design Lonita white dress, Solange Daydream navy sweater, fri.day Rolled Cargos khaki,  J’s Real Toe BackBelt Wedge beige, Ticky Tacky Rehab earrings, Baubles Midnight Dance necklace, Mandala Takara bronze nails, Idiosyncrasy The Deck Birthday makeup, SpellBound Trinkets bracelet, Truth Milla hair, EarthStones Gimme Those Wood bangles, Boom Take It Easy tote. xoxo Ania waitress pose.

Pic 3 changes to Surf Couture Sway Sundress and Clothbound Bow Belt, Burroughs Gianna jewelry, LeLutka Ife suntan makeup 6. Exposeur Geek Chic pose.


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