It was recently suggested to me that my logic is flawed. This coming from someone who brushes off “girl logic” as something of an oxymoron.

I think if someone can’t pretend to make a commitment in SL, they probably don’t stand much of a chance of making one in the real world. My friend suggested that was crap. Well, or something similar yet well-intentioned.

I’ll cling to my girl logic. It’s all I know, and Ely endorses it.

Ely wouldn’t be biased or anything.


Pic 1, Cynful Gracieness (dress coral worn as top) and ChrizzpyShort candylight, Boom Wrong Size Cardi tan, Gos 8-hole docs, Baubles Metal Bangle fall, Stoned Bangle citrine,  Midnight Dance necklace and earrings, Truth Ann night hair, League Taylor dark skin,  Poetic shallow water eyes, Lucy in Disguise new copper nail polish. Exposeur Spreeeee! pose.

Pic 2, FDP Glam mini dress silver, WoE Christa Shrug charcoal, League Taylor dark bloodred skin, Tiny Bird Your Protector warm black hair, Linc Wide Leather Belt patterns, YS&YS FeelFree moon shoes, Baubles Coffee and Cream Night bangles, Candy Nail Hana Red, Feles necklace by marcopol Oh. Exposeur Spreeeee! pose and bag props.

Pic 3, SySy’s Yardena dress, ByKay Mayaka shoes, League Taylor dark feline skin, OMFG Le Cirque The Peasant lace pieces, Maitreya Green II charcoal hair, Joyce Dreamscape Design hair diamonds, Candy Nail runway white, Baubles silver bangles, Poetic Spanish Moss eyes. Exposeur Spreeeee! pose.

Pic 4 uses LAP ❤ Bloggers pose.


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