Bagged and Tagged

Being relatively newly unmated in the role play sim brings a wealth of flirting opportunities. Primarily in IM from men who aren’t openly available.

I don’t understand what’s so magical about the IM box. Like it’s some purgatory for the disenchanted attached. Sort of like using an alt to cheat, suddenly it’s OK because it’s a different character.

They do have it partly right. It does speak to character.


Pic 1 Nomine Henley Shrug and Mosaic bronze glitter neo skin, SySy’s Lana dress (worn as shirt), Deviance leather pants, Boom Take it Easy tote, Eolande’s Bohemian Chic bangles, Deena hair, Candy Nail Diva Blue, Gos 8 Hole Docs, EarthStones Kolo necklace, Poetic gold flakes moonstone eyes. Glitterati pose.

Pic 2 changes to Nomine Sinnerman buttondown, Sassy Kitty Designs High Waisted black skirt, Lamb Babys on Fire hair, Elymode brown Lounging Cami, J’s Real Toes Studded Wedge sandals, Zaara Anaya Onyx gold earrings, Dark Mouse Vintage Victorian locket, Candy Nail Hana red, Visual Haiku classy clutch. Glitterati pose.

Pic 3 changes to Styligion SUB black jeans, Felicia’s Fashions Penny red top, Kissed by Lithium Plavix earrings and necklace, SLink Mikaela white shoes and Nicole hair, Elymode light grey Lounging Cami, Boom Mod Bangles, Gos Compulsive sunglasses, Candy Nail Basic Prim red 4, Izumiya tote bag. Glitterati pose.


4 responses to “Bagged and Tagged

  • Mykal Sonic

    *chokes on his drink*
    I quit. You win the internet today.

    Gorwhores are some of the worst, just sayin’. I think I need to quit DJ’ing certain events and get back to shopping.

  • felesseitan

    *laughs hard* But they are so entertaining while they are stuck to the stripper poles.

  • Mykal Sonic

    Egad… Goo Be Gone, Ammonia, Bleach… it never works. None of it! Break out the Shamwow and hope. I think I just physically shuddered here.

    And I saw those Docs! Don’t think you were slipping them past me, lady.

  • felesseitan

    Shamwow FTW! And psssst, you love those docs!

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