Can’t Take Me Anywhere

It seems I can lag an empty sim. Barefoot.

I’m not sure why I got so annoyed at being called out, it was a random, unfriendly IM from a store owner. All I wanted to do was shop. Instead of telling me I was lagging the sim, the owner should have said, “Get the hell out,” because I did. Interestingly my departure cut the sim traffic by a third.

I never did figure out what about me was so offensive. Trust me, I do have accessories so prim- and script-laden I have to remove them before teleport. Maybe it was a sign that I already have everything I need.


Pic 1 Miamai Khari red dress, Fux short gloves in red and NoAlpha lashes 11, Belleza Elle dark mocha 1 skin, Reasonable Desires red Victorian hat (made larger), Juicy Victorian Ankle boots, EarthStones lacy bracelet, Eolande’s glamour pearls earring and bracelet, UncleWeb Owen hair, Candy Nail Lock Red, SiSSi loose pearls long, Miel Lo Refurbished socks, Poetic gold flakes moonstone eyes. Diesel Works Diva II pose.

Pic 2 changes to Miamai Grazia gown turquoise and silver leather bag, Miel Viv necklace, Baubles Dangling Moon earrings turquoise, YS&YS FeelFree Moon shoes, UncleWeb Lucio hair. Diesel Works Diva II pose.
Pic 3 changes to Miamai Ariel blue gown, Joyce Dreamscape Design hair diamonds, JPB bandit bracelets, Ingenue Freynii Carolina shoes, Head Mistress Carlita hair, Candy Nails snow pink, Diamond channel set earrings by Questor Llewellyn. Diesel Works Diva II pose.

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