What I Really Want

The full moon brought out hoards of Lycan, which those of you who follow this blog will know excites me to the core. I heart them.

I can’t help it. I go all loose-knee-swoony for the furry evil buggers.

After an evening of running around the city with a raw steak in one hand and my phone number in the other, I find myself alone, blogging pics that are totally unrelated to the topic at hand. Why? Because SL seems to be DOA.

Why oh why on my hunting night would SL do this? Clearly Linden Labs ignored my pleas to focus on core stability rather than fluff, as offered in response to the latest survey that will be ignored.

Instead I find myself here, grilling up filets, knocking back a cold one and watching Werewolf in a Women’s Prison … again.


Pic 1 DYN purple retro halter (bow moved), Heartsick Yume Illusion Precious skin teaser (from Alternative Fair benefitting Nothing but Nets), Khush Leather bangles, purple, Sn@tch Stumblebum Spring Fling  Plaid Capris, JE*Republic Fran smoky hair, Candy Nail jelly purple, Chaisuki lashes 20, Poetic rapunzel eyes, Maiteya Gold Shanti grape shoes, EarthStones Lacy bracelet and Kolo earrings (RFL). Cloud Factory baked pillow package. xoxo Ania Smoking Pin-Up pose and cigarette.

Pic 2 Sn@tch Plush Skin and Lush Glam lashes (Alt Fair), I Love Olive Bella hair jet black, Dark Mouse Remember Me bracelet, Ingenue Hothouse Flower faded bluebell dress and Freynii Carolina shoes, Poetic hansel eyes, Paris Metro white gloves. xoxo Ania Smoking Pin-Up pose.

Pic 3 changes to Heartsick Bliss Adored skin (Alt Fair). Exposeur Movement pose. 

Worst movie ever kudos to Mykal, for hooking me up with Werewolf in a Women’s Prison. \o/



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