Bits and Pieces

If often joke about my role play character, my lil goat-bat-demoness thing, assuming parts of a whole but never feeling complete to me. Mashups are so much more effective in daily fashion than in an RP look.

I find myself considering exploring a new character but not wanting to make the same mistakes as I had with the current.

You see, the current character was taken haphazardly, quickly assumed for someone else with just enough background to have a reason to exist. This time as I explore I want to create one that has meaning for me.


Photo 1 Hot Mood roll up cuff pants in blue, ASrock Syria dress in blue,  Joyce Dreamscape Design long color change nails, SiSSi Squarish necklace, earrings and belly chain, Eclectica spring pearls bracelet and ring, Exile Carly dusk hair, Heart & Soul Bette teal shoes, Khush Mary jacket in black, Belleza Elle dark mocha 5, Poetic hansel eyes. EverGlow pose.

Pic 2 changes to Joyce Dreamscape Design Joy hair and flower, SiSSi Squarish set bracelets and ring, DYN brown flower dress, Khush laced body black, Stiletto Moody Bare Brigitte black shoes. EverGlow pose.

Pic 3 and 4 changes to WoE Olivia corset set for AltFair, Truth Chalice espresso hair. EverGlow pose.


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