What Is Your Fantasy?

I’m a sucker for anything RFL, so I had to make a stop at Fantasy Faire. Being late to the game, I decided to inject my own fantasy elements.

The first look I call Beach Blanket Gargoyle. Nomine’s Fantasy Faire gargoyle av *insert shameless subliminal plea to make those amazing attachments in more skin colors, too* is way too hot to hide her out on the eave of some crumbling building.

Next up is mer-school girl, with the help of Gauze’s RFL pieces. No need for a short skirt when my tail looks that good.

And finally, just for Ely, soccer mom kitteh – featuring Dreams’ adorable kitty set and Sassy Kitty’s hoodie, both for RFL. Kits have moms, too, you know.  


Pic 1 Nomine Gargoyle avatar for Fantasy Faire, Artilleri 1st mate capris and marcy top, Burroughs Bianca anklet, Truth Yvette hair, Dark Mouse beach bag. Exposeur pose.

Pic 2 Gauze Merfolk noir, Reasonable Desires purple plaid schoolgirl set shirt, bag and book, Nala square glasses, Glam Affair Sofia skin, Poetic gold flakes amethyst eyes, Magika Zami hair. ImpEle mermaid pose.

Pic 3 Dreams fluffy tail and ears for Fantasy Faire, Sassy Kitty Designs Sassy Hoodie for Fantasy Faire, Atomic Cozy Cardi, Gos Butterfly sunglasses, Dutch Touch Jolie skin, Fri.day Leigh hair, Zaara Chinos, Shiny Things tied clogs, Armidi Gisaci Gordie Print Bag. EverGlow model pose.


2 responses to “What Is Your Fantasy?

  • elysium eilde

    I remember times… back in the day… when you’d try to get your “alternative kitteh” look going on and you would be so disappointed and state “i look like a kitteh soccer mom” as though that was a BAD thing… but then and now I love(ed) it!

    This whole set is absolutely brilliant, and to me it really shows a side of your sense of humor that isn’t obvious to people who don’t know you. I will be laughing over “Beach Blanket Gargoyle” for a long time.

  • felesseitan

    See, it’s because I always felt like I looked like El’s aunt in pics.

    Thanks, Ely, from you especially the compliment means a lot ❤

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