I was talking with a friend today about role play cycles. Being totally into one character, then deciding another would be much more fun. The struggle to become a part of one group, only to find yourself looking across the street after investing so much effort.

I think that’s why I role play the way I do. I can shift form at will, look however I want, hell even look like someone else when it makes sense.

For me it’s about the freedom to not *have* to be anything.


Photo 1 ASrock Violet Attitude shirt, Lapointe & BastChild Caged Love engagement ring and Decadence Elite diamond/gold necklace, Khush Leather Bangles, purple, BeNoir Neharika RFL bangles,  Elymode angle-waist skirt, Maitreya Gold Shanti shoes in plum, Poetic autumn chestnut eyes, Detour Stage lashes, Belleza Elle dark mocha 15 skin, Candy Nail Jelly Purple, Truth Leona hair. Whole Lotta Rosie pose.

Photo 2 Cynful Gracieness vest brown, Belleza Alyson deep tan 9 skin, Candy Nail LE.Look la femme nails, Miel Mo Pocket Pants belt (tinted), DeLa Ruffle Andrea skirt brown, Nala Samantha glasses, Tuli Yvette shirt/sleeves (trim color mod), UH Frozen moon river eyes, Baubles Make Me a Star silver bangle and Tall bangle silver/turquoise, Truth Sydney java hair. Diesel Works Scarlett pose.

Photo 3 SiSSi Squarish earring light, Tuli Sayuri tone 1 07b, Analog Dog Whimsy espresso hair, Coco Frilly Blouse & Sweater olive, Candy Nail basic prim red04. EverGlow pose.


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