I had the privilege of winning a bet against Overfiend, OOC. Which meant no sharing of pics of my prize in character.

My hope was to plaster posters around the city, showing off my skills at cheating (shhhh, he didn’t realize I knew his age). He was a good sport. So I decided to not send his pics around to the family.

It got me to thinking about how brave I am when I know the stakes. I could have taken advantage, but resisted. Sort of. I’m always much braver when I know what to expect.

Which is why I’ m sharing this. Because Overfiend, of course, can’t take my evil OOC actions IC to hold against me. Right?



Photo 1 Nomine Gingham Set red and Mosaic bronze mourna black skin, Maitreya ChiChi velvet black pumps, Solange Victoria red stockings, SiSSi Where are my Glasses necklace, Burroughs Romance earrings, Summer Seale simple bracelets in black/silver, Detour Cactus lashes, Poetic hansel eyes, Truth Isabella treacle hair, Candy Nail basic prim red04. Exposeur Fakin’ It pose.

Photo 2 changes to Nomine Putrid Prairie gown, League Sinaed brown boots, EarthStones Mara hoops, Truth Marianne treacle hair, Alecto Arms Shredder. Luth Gun pose.

Photo 3 changes to Deviance Snow White dress, Truth Yvonne espresso hair. Exposeur Fakin’ It pose.

Photo 4 changes to I Love Olive Luani hair (modded for pic).  Exposeur Top Model pose.

Photo 5 features Overfiend, who kicked my butt at bowling, which I made him do after losing a bet.


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