Someone asked me why I choose the look I do. I don’t have a good answer, particularly because my look is vastly different from day to day. I buy what I like, and when I like something else, I buy that too.

Actually, my purchases aren’t as frivolous as implied. When it comes to skins, for example, I’ll hold demos for days, sometimes taking tons of pics to compare before I commit.


I guess it’s sort of the same way I approach boys. I collect a group, weed out the undesirables, try on one or two. The difference is with skins I end up with a lot I love, even if they sit patiently on the sidelines for a time to make room for new entrants.

Oh, wait, maybe it’s not so different.


Pic 1, Miamai Mohe red dress, Nomine Mosaic skin china vamp, Curio Gertrude hair, Nicky Ree Rebecca flapper gloves, Poetic hansel eyes, Burroughs Serena jewelry.

Pic 2 changes to HoD Mercenary necklaces, Dreams Ribbed Corset, Perfectly Plain ears and Fluffy tail, Miamai black jeans, WoE Christa shrug, DragansVarg Caladwen gloves, SiniStyle Misery cuffs, Wycked leg warmers, Poetic cat moon forest eyes, Truth Leona hair, Gos 8 Hole docs, Belleza Elle dark mocha skin.

Pic 3 changes to JD Design skull belt and pink studs nails, BOOM 15-love dress, Truth Melanie hair, Leafy Miso Loom skin, Poetic Spanish Moss eyes.

Pic 4 changes to Candy Nail long prim color change.

Poses by EverGlow.


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