Blind Date

I thought it would be fun to sign up for a silly role play event, a takeoff on the Blind Date game.

My lil demoness character has been fairly well hidden away while mated and knows few outside of her little family there. I decided it was time to let her spread her wings.

Deciding on a look for the “enticing picture” required for the application was a chore. The advantage of being a shapeshifter is that I can take any look.

I finally settled on what I thought was perfect. Apparently, however, Crazy Stalker Demoness isn’t exactly what the organizers had in mind.


Pic 1, Hot Mood Retrostyle green dress, Khush leather bangles, YS&YS FeelFree shoes, LAQ Elena cocoa skin, Analog Dog Delora hair, Poetic hansel fairy eyes, Candy Nail long color change pastel.

Pic 2 changes to Serenity Style I’m InVested outfit.

Pic 3 changes to Kouse’s Sanctum Natasha gown.

Poses by EverGlow.

Pic 4, Belleza Jesse skin, Material Squirrel Nemesis Demon wings, Sinful Needs Brood Princess horns and, extra special thanks to xoxo Ania for the window stalking pose [*editor’s note, not the official pose name].

[**Editor’s note v2, if you are a level 50+ lycan, call me! Or drop an SLurl so I can hang outside your window.]


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