Easter Demoness

If you are easily offended by slight irreverence toward religion, flee.

Thanks to someone I won’t name, I have been referring to the upcoming holiday as Zombie Jesus Day.  Demoness Feles is of course celebrating by spreading color-coordinated fear.

Feles’ player will celebrate the day the same way she recognizes all religious occasions — with presents and pork products.


Photo 1 Haven Designs Lolita dress (RFL), Gos Burlesque boots, Material Squirrel Demon Army Wings, Rockberry knit stockings, JD Design black/flower necklace, lace flower bracelet and tribal black bracelet, GP June Doe 2 skin, Poetic rapunzel eyes, Truth Mena hair, Sinful Needs Brood Princess horns.

Photo 2 changes to Dreams Neko tied with a bow set, Elymode feles mala outfit, GP June Swan 2 skin, Poetic cat blue moon eyes, Truth Reese hair, Bax Prestige black leather boots, Detour widow lashes.

Photo 3 changes to Reasonable Desires Cherie negligee, GP June Grass 2, Truth Veruca 2 hair, Poetic Spanish moss eyes, Sinful Needs Destroyer of Hope horns and hooves.

Stop by Pose Fair 2010. Poses shown from LAP All the Days set and Curvature My Bunny Best Friend.


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