Spend a Night in the Box

As I closed out yet another SL chapter, I spent the evening hiding.

It’s always the same, find stuff to pack away, ignore random IMs from asshats who appear to get some sort of autonotice when my partner box is empty.

Soon enough I’ll get back to misadventures so I can share everything what not to do. Until then I’ll hide away and play dress-up.


Pic 1 Khush Easter Dress, Nomine Mosaic bronze Easter skin,  Burroughs Bianca jewelry, Exile Monica hair, Poetic Spanish Moss eyes, Candy Nail long prim color change.

Pic 2 changes to CandyDoll CES Night shirt, Brit Que 2.0 hair, Nomine Mosaic bronze glitter neo skin, Elymode Long Simple Skirt, Material Squirrel Nemesis Demon Wings, Tekeli-li Circe jewelry.

Pic 3 changes to Nomine Mosaic bronze Easter morning skin and Nephilim corset, Truth Avery hair.

Pic 4 changes to Nomine Mosaic latte Easter Candy skin, Poetic rapunzel eyes, Truth Justine hair, Detour Candy lashes.

Set and poses by Exposeur.


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