Mixin’ it Up

I feel change in the air. It’s time to shake things up.

My RP feels stale. I end up lost in cleaning bloated inventory rather than finding fun. It’s time to look for excitement … or trouble.

Usually when I find myself in these moods, a good makeover brings me out. Or a visit to one of the sims I won’t name to protect my reputation.


Photo 1 DYN Lyla shirt,  Snatch Nightmare skirt, GypsySoul trio long tank, GP Acorn skin, Gos Butterfly sunglasses, Miel Ahi earrings and necklace, EarthStones Gimme Those Wood bangles, Truth Joanna hair, Candy Nail clear glitter french fresh, Poetic Hansel eyes, Malt city bag.

Pic 2 changes to Khush denim shorties, Kissed by Lithium Mobic necklace, Tuli Eva tone 6 skin, Gritty Kitty Penny hair, Nala Samantha glasses, Babsy Clogs, Dark Mouse Lotus Flower bangles, Candy Nails for LE LOOK.

Pic 3 changes to Belleza Jesse skin, Gos Dare booties, Decoy Inferno 88 jeans and Lynn scarf, Elymode shorties jumper, DeLa Shearling jacket,  fri.day Neva 2 hair.

Pic 4 changes to Kissed by Lithium Narvasc purple, Decoy Maya scarf, Belleza Alyson skin, Truth Monica hair, Poetic Rapunzel eyes.

Poses by Exposeur.


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