Clothing Fair Dressing Up

I used to think I had too many dresses. After a quick sweep of inventory and a lot of packing up, I realized I had only a handful in active inventory. Clothing Fair to the rescue.

Mind you, I rarely go anywhere or do anything that calls for more than role play gear. Still, I like to be prepared.

If anyone wants to help me take these out for a spin …


RFL designer G Field, Maxi Dress Mellow. Also Tuli Eva skin tone 6, Cake Papercut hair.

RFL designer Vanitas Vesture, Jellyfish Sundress. Also Quinn hair, Candy Nail Jelly Purple, Poetic Hansel eyes, J’s Real Toe Cross Belt Sandals, Tuli Eva skin tone 4, EarthStones Gimme Those Wood Bangles, KBL Mobic necklace.

RFL designer Azul, Sora gown. Changes to Maitreya Green II hair.


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