Clothing Fair Fantasy

Part of the fun of shopping at RFL Clothing Fair is buying outfits I wouldn’t wear everyday, but love an excuse to play dressup.

OK, so the first one I already wear a lot in the RP sim. And the next, if I ever went out dancing I would so opt for this.

This one makes me smile, though, sadly, beefy Feles isn’t such a convincing whisp of a┬álil fairy. That won’t stop me from running around the yard in wings.


RFL designer Solange, red/black Traction. Also Belleza Jesse skin, redQueen Easy hair, SLink Jolie Pied feet, Poetic Hansel eyes, Detour widow lashes.

RFL designer Evie’s Closet, Elizabeth gown. Also Belleza Jesse skin, JE Republic Fran hair, Detour Cactus lashes, alaMood Nightlife diamond earrings and ring, Flavor! Designs trio hair blossoms.

RFL designer Epic, Pim whimsy Faery outfit. Also Gala Elf skin, Truth Amber hair.

Poses by Exposeur.


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