RFL Clothing Fair

My next few blogs will be short and sweet, lacking the typical stories. The reason is Clothing Fair, when designers share their talents for Relay for Life.

Cancer has touched my life in so many ways. The work put into this event should be applauded — I choose to applaud with my $Ls.

I was lucky enough to hit preview night, which left me nearly broke. I fled the RP sim to shop, and in honor of that am sharing my first looks in demon form.


Pic 1 – RFL designer Solange, Whiskey (my favorite mini ever, and more options in the pack — maybe she will sell more colors *crosses fingers*). Other items, redQueen Gluttony skin, I Love Olive Starr hair, Material Squirrel sculpted demon army wings, Ticky Tacky Viva necklace, Dark Mouse Remember Me bracelets, Sinful Needs Brood Princess horns and demonic goat hooves, and Candy Nail long prim color change dark, Poetic brushwood cat eyes and Negko Designs Wrath Angel tattoo in all shots.

Pic 2 – RFL designers Haven Designs Susan outfit, EarthStones Jumoke earrings and BeNoir Neharika bangles. Other items, redQueen Lust skin, JE Republic Tarae hair, Sinful Needs Destroyer horns and hooves, Material Squirrel Abyss wings.

Pic 3 – RFL designer MiaMai Enua dress. Other items, redQueen Envy skin, Cake Dakota hair, Ticky Tacky Rehab earrings. Poses by LAP and Luth.

Go to Clothing Fair, now, really. Why are you still reading? Shop!


2 responses to “RFL Clothing Fair

  • Salvatore Otoro

    Great pictures especially the last two and as you said, Relay for Life is a great cause worthy of supporting.

  • Oblique Belief

    Nice flare on the demonic look. Why should a demoness / demon not have a classy look but the truth be told that even scary has to have class to essentiate the highlights of a jaw-dropper to make one want to sin.

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