Day Tripper

Sometimes I trip people in my mind.

See, I can sometimes a tiny bit get jealous because girls generally are not nice to each other and really could care less if someone isn’t available. Instead of throwing a fit, being all obvious about my annoyance, I trip girls … in my mind.

I justify these actions because I’m not actually hurting anyone, and frankly, no one is actually hurting me. As I mentally cause these random hos to faceplant on sculpted concrete, I remind myself that chances are they are lonely middle aged men in mama’s basement. Works for me.

Credits: Pic 1, KA Bardot Zuri skin, Dark Mouse Kelly hair, SD Ovation jacket, Linc ruffled miniskirt, W&B Hykova buttoned tank, Poetic Hansel eyes, Candy Nail clear glitter french fresh, Redgrave Girls Bikers reloaded, EarthStones gimme those wood bangles, Dark Mouse metallic leather belt. Pic 2 changes to Lark Karen blouse, Skin Flicks Georgie skirt, I Love Olive Valerie hair, Dark Mouse flower & bamboo jewelry, Shiny Things tied clogs. Pic 3 changes to Staged Extend lashes, I Love Olive Emma hair. Exposeur poses by RubyStarlight Writer.


One response to “Day Tripper

  • Salvatore Otoro

    All three pictures are very beautiful, especially the first two. As to your comments, letting our minds run away with ideas is most times better than actually committing those same ideas. That’s what daydreams are all about.

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