Some bunny …

I had a prop request. Well, more like a prop proposal. Someone quite adorable offered to be my pose stand. I may still accept the selfless offer, but until then have found a stand-in.

The offer made me realize I’m missing an incredible opportunity here. I could open up my blog shoots to any hot, rawry and willing candidate. Well, as long as his hair isn’t prettier than mine.

Finally, a legitimate reason to knock a Lycan over the head and drag him back to my place. Without getting in trouble. Much.

Credits: Truth Milla hair, Belleza Alyson skin, Candy Nail prim nails, SiSi prim lashes, Rezlpsa Loc tshirt, Boom Wei shorts, Maitreya Shanti heels. Pic 2 changes to Solange panties from casual cami set. LAP poses; texturesby Made By Moo (set) and Distressed (pillow). And Love Bunny by Nikki Mathieson.


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