The Devil You Know

Living in a dark role play world has taken a toll on me.

I’ve enjoyed my adventure into the more disturbing sides of myself, so I’m not abandoning that realm. It’s time, however, to explore other sides of me.

Surprisingly the place I resisted for so long has come to feel like home and I find it difficult to be far for long. Or perhaps it’s my unwillingness to feel unsettled, even when I’m clinging to an illusion.

Credits: Solange Amore in melon, Dutch Touch Amber skin, 69 Omnia hair, Poetic summer dry soil eyes, Candy Nail long prim color change, J’s Real Toe Studded Wedge sandals, Exodi Aidan and Aubrey bangles and Annah hoops. Photo 2 changes to Solange Amore in blue, Cake Dakota hair, Zaara Anaya onyx earrings and Patra silver bracelets. Photo 3 changes to Detour Storm hair. The set is Great North Homes Shabby Chateau and the poses from ANA_Mation.


4 responses to “The Devil You Know

  • Nikka Kanto

    This is gorgeous.

  • Salvatore Otoro

    I had no idea you had become that addicted to RP. I knew you had grown to like it but I didn’t know how deep those feelings ran. I’m glad I introduced you to this wonderful world where we have both have enjoyed amazing experiences. 🙂

  • felesseitan

    Thank you both.

    Thank you, Sal, for bringing me into the RP. It’s meant more to me than I imagined it would.

    I always feel pressure to come up with interesting pics when I get something from Solange. I adore her stuff.

  • Oblique Belief

    All I got to say is nice accented look in a darkened background. Makes even me smile wide and go hmmm now that is beautiful.

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