Yes Ma’am

I laugh every time some random boy stops me to ask if I’m a mistress. When not in model shape, I’m about half the height of the average sex bomb walking the streets. I can’t imagine what generates these conversations …

RandomNotUnHot Guy: So, you’re a Mistress?

Me: *laughs* no, but there are a lot of little boys out there who wish.

RandomNotUnHot Guy: I would be one of the them.

For the record, kids, I am not a mistress. I am a simple demon who occasionally burns people in the street if they bug me enough.

Although I am not opposed to having you sit at my feet.

Credits: Belleza Jesse skin, Truth hair, Haven Rhapsody in pink and purple, Elymode lounging panties, Maitreya Shanti shoes; xoxo Ania Yes Ma’am poses and crop.


One response to “Yes Ma’am

  • Oblique Belief

    – chuckles – Now this makes me really chuckles. Hmmms, if I am so bold to say that someone has a dominant streak. – snorts – One must learn submission but dominance. Both sides has their kinks.

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