I saw Luna’s closet challenge and decided to show off some clothing I can’t part with, even if some now falls under the “Stuff That’s Gone” category.

These have been staples in my SL wardrobe for some time, the oldest from 2007, and I still love them. The clothes I wore for building, shopping, mocking asshats, whatever.

I have new favorites now to supplement — I can’t say replace, because some things I won’t let go.

Maybe I can’t shed anything because most things I own have some attachment, to my old sims, an old love, long-lost friends. Whatever the case may be every piece could tell a story, if I let it, which I won’t — at least not today.

And speaking of settled, you’ll hear no complaints about SLove today.


Photo 1, the Oldies: ETD Willis II pigtails, February 2008; Shiny Things Kukka cuff and Tuesday necklace, November 2007; Elephant Outfitters Cherry Picking Knee High Jeans, April 2008; Boneflower Designs sheer Missing Image cami, March 2008 (second acquisition as I lost the first in inventory woes); Aitui opened button-down, March 2008; Tomboy sneakies, January 2008; Celestial Studios Brown Suede bag, February 2008. New Additions: Belleza Alyson deep tan skin, Free Spirit lashes, Poetic dry summer soil eyes, and Candy Nail clear glitter French Fresh nails. Photo 2 and 3 changes to: DPS Not That Into you shirt, League Garage jeans, Akeyo chucks, fri.day Jennifer hair + cap in thoughtful brown, Summer Seale simple bracelets, marcopol Oh customized necklace (thank you Vixikins!), and Truth group gift messenger bag.

The Set: Distressed damaged walls and trashed floor. Used Reel Expression poses, the first store I went to for poses.


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