Valentine’s Day is close — well, close enough for me to begin sharing some well-timed hints. And anyone who knows me realizes I’m nothing if not subtle.

I don’t ask for much. A little attention, hanging out somewhere casual, whatever, I’m easy to please.

Going out somewhere would be alright — I’m sure I could find something to wear.

Actually, we don’t even have to leave the house. XStreet delivers.

Credits: Material Squirrel Abyss demon wings in black, FreeSpirit eyelashes, Candy Nail Snow Pink nails, Negko Design warrior soul tattoo (yes it’s a boy tattoo, sue me), GOS Docs, DM Designs Eleni jewelry in silver/purple, DYN hearts crop jeans, Belleza Alyson skin in deep tan, Truth Joanna hair in java, Poetic fairy eyes in hansel, and Vanitas Vesture autumn soft tank.

Pic 2 changes to Dernier Cri Madeline hair in brown, Candy Nail basic prim in red04, Nardcotix Valentine’s Noir No. 14 gown, JPB Bandit bracelets, and DM Designs Eleni earrings in red/gold.

Pic 3 changes to Candy Nail Long Prim color change dark and Exile Monica hair in chocolate.

Set: Distressed damaged walls and ALH Victorian Living floor, Digital Dream nightstand from Summer bedroom set, Agent Orange breakup box and bear, Basic Elements Hearts in Motion animated changeable art, and LAP poses.


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