My last post was a bit emo, too emo for my tastes. Let’s just say I’m feeling more hopeful today.

While Feles’ player is snowbound for a long, quiet weekend, Feles decided to test her wings. Running around having fun, you ask? More like engaging in a little shape-shifting to see whether Demoness Barbie can pull off a more evil look.

My preference, and that of my snuggly demon mate, still seems to be for a softer appearance. More accessible to those poor lost souls in need of corrupting. Lest I scare them off too soon.

Fear comes in many forms. For example, there is the fear of being alone after working so hard to attain settled status. To my snuggly demon, consider this a peace offering. For an evil demoness prone to spreading greed I can, on occasion, be nice. But shhhhh don’t tell anyone.


Pics 1-2, Material Squirrel Abyss Demon wings in black, Truth Isle smoke hair, redQueen wrath skin, Stiletto Moody bitch booties, Graves V-Body outfit, Candy Nail long prim color change dark, Zaara Vyomini bracelet, LAP Magic of Oz poses.

Pics 3-4 change to Material Squirrel Abyss Demon wings in red, Belleza Alyson deep tan skin, Truth Avery hair in treacle, Linc bodysuit in black, TheAbyss catalyst boots, Blowpop seamed fishnet stockings, Sinful Needs Brood Princess horns, LAP chubby poses.


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