… and some change

I kicked off my third year here newly married, feeling settled and looking forward to more adventure with the demonSLhubs. Now, I’m not sure what’s happening.

It goes something like this:

Me: I can’t throw a prim without hitting one of your conquests.

Him: Yes you can.

Me: I can so hit her from here.

Him: But she’s the only one.

Me: At this moment.

Yeah, it’s probably unreasonable to think I could go a day without facing one of the exes considering I moved to the equivalent of Lost island of former did-hers. Sure, I could perhaps handle it better than having WTF seizures.

Changing everything to make someone happy probably isn’t the way to go. But I’m there already, waiting to find out what’s next. And hoping it turns out alright.

Credits: Photo 1, Belleza Alyson deep tan 1 skin, Exile Molly hair in coffee, Poetic summer dry soil eyes, KBL Floricet capris in grey, Khush Jenn top in black, BAX Prestige black suede boots, Candy nail Jel Clear Drops glove nails, Dark Mouse Stacie’s earrings and Twisted bangles, EverGlow pose.

Photo 2 changes to Belleza Alyson deep tan 14 skin, Truth Veruca 2 treacle hair,  SySy’s Liberty dress in chocolate, J’s Belt Platform sandals, DM Isabeau II jewelry, EverGlow pose.

Photo 3 changes to Truth Amber hair and Belleza Alyson deep tan 0 skin.


One response to “… and some change

  • Oblique Belief

    Belleza has some really nice skins for avis’. I have shopped and liked how some adds a distinct flavoring then it leaves me to grin about many things. A simplicity in so many terms that each curve, line, feature has an almost realistic quality. Hmmm faith comes in ways you just do not see often. Hmmm but then again I have kept a distance from marriage.

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