uno dos tres

In a few hours I will celebrate my third rez day. I thought about sharing before and after pictures to demonstrate my transformation from newb to now … NOT. I don’t need to admit to the world that I started out as a big busted … um, well, OK, maybe not so much has changed.

There was a time my favorite SL activity was dressing up and going out to laugh at newbs who would ask me to dance. See, I thought the way to meet nice men was to go to a nice place. I quickly learned otherwise.

I got the usual, like men asking me to dance — once their date heads to bed.

randomDumb Ass: As soon as she is asleep i’ll set up a proper date

me: Well, OK, but only if it will include your asking someone else out while we dance, deal?

It’s guys like that who, over my three years, caused me to lose faith. Who knew that I would begin my third year here newly married and, well, settled.

Credits: Photo 1, Trubble Lillian dress, Rockberry Jules E tan skin, UncleWeb Hilda hair, Candy Nail snow pink, Eolande’s Glass Fairy color change jewelry, Poetic Fairy eyes, hansel.

Photo 2 changes to Magika Cake hair, Phoenix Rising Ruby’s Fire dress, Dark Mouse simple pearl necklace and stacked pearls bracelet.

Photo 3 and 4 changes to Nardcotix Isis Andaluz dress and Rebekah pumps, Truth Sehra hair, Cake bedroom lashes.


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