Bring in the New

I’ve been lazy through the holidays and have failed to keep you all updated. It isn’t for lack of news.

While not exactly the ceremony I would have planned — somehow “it’s not a party until someone gets killed” wouldn’t have applied in my dream wedding — it was interesting, nonetheless. Only at my wedding would the bridal party bust out singing “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life…” or the officiant call for the orgy to begin.

I’ve spent my time since purging inventory and playing with my look to begin another year.¬†What to now that I’m a settled Mrs.?

Find trouble. I’m all over that.


Photo 1 (photo by Ely, who was a good enough sport to attend) Rebel Hope Tabitha wedding gown, Sky Everett Keira hair, Sinfull demonic goddess horns, and my groom <3.

Photo 2, Poetic cat eyes, Belleza Jesse deep tan, Truth Sasha hair, DCNY Madelene vest, tie and pants, Indi Lombardi booties, Candy Nail Lock red, Eolande Stone Halo Bracelet.

Photo 3 changes to 2 changes to shirt from DCNY Madelene set, Maitreya Green II hair, plus Elymode lounging panties.


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