Gift of Snug

Tis the season for comfy sweaters, hot drinks and frayed nerves. Funny how a tiny snag can unravel the fabric of what we hold dear.

I was minding my own business when drama hit my role play family and it seemed all would end. Natually, from that one action, I conjured a chain reaction of events that would lead to total and epic relationship fail. How, you might ask? *shrugs* It’s what women do. We try to decipher the uncoded, link the unrelated, all in the name of bringing order and meaning in a way that makes conspiracy theories feel like hunches. The result is a tightly woven story that, while perfectly plausible, isn’t necessarily probable.

Tonight I’m letting go, having a latte, sorting through generous holiday gifts from designers and focusing my energy on the friends who have become like family — like Ely, who has given me more than she knows. And there is this guy who remade himself to meet me in the middle and to try to make me happy. Not a bad way to slip into the final days of 2009.

Credits: One, SySy’s Christmas sweater, Poetic christmas fairy eyes, Truth Lygon scarf, Solange Christmas Demon Horns (2008 gift), Frippery snow buddies mittens, Elymode lounging pants, GOS 8 hole docs, Truth Ann hair, Curio Elf skin, Maitreya slouch socks. Two changes to iBizarre long wool jumper, Elymode light grey lounging pants, Truth Haylie hair and Curio Beach Crude skin. Three changes to Khush Siena Comfi Sweater, Truth Ann hair, SiSSi Pebble necklace, Curio June oriental poppy skin. LAP poses.


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