Willing Suspension of Disbelief

Feles lets her shopping bags drop to the floor with sigh, well, more of a self-satisfied coo, her natural response to a fruitful afternoon; she then snatches up her new Coach clutch and spins on her leopard heels to again raid the mall.

Recently Feles got a sound educating on the proper way to emote in role play. See, Feles can sprout a tail outta her ass or turn icy violet on a whim as long as she does so in third person. Yes, in a world where beings live for thousands of years, have the same body parts eaten repeatedly, or morph from undead-Lycan call-girl to vampire-kitteh-fae stripper-assassin in the blink of an eye, Feles apparently did the unacceptable.

Was Feles upset with the person who called her out? Heavens no! She (meaning the person who called her, meaning Feles, out) can kick her (meaning Feles’) butt 100 different ways without breaking from her (meaning the caller-outter’s) “bending over for buttsecks” stance. Who is Feles to argue?

Who pissed her — that would be Feles — off? One hint: Boys are dumb.

What followed was a Charlotte in Sex and the City style “But I turned Demon for you” rant. Does Feles regret ranting? Possibly. But see, Feles didn’t sign up for 24/7 role play, living in a remote, sexually charged and violent lil village with every one of her ex’s conquests. And at times, Feles’ frustration level rises to the point of no return.

Maybe, instead of attempting to reinforce the RPers code to speak only in third person, no matter how confusing such exchange might be even in context, Feles’ mate should have broken character for two minutes and had a real conversation.

Tell ya what. Feles will pretend she doesn’t know about all of the playing of different avs with different mates as if these are wholly different people, and the generic you can pretend Feles didn’t accidentally flip ya the “I” — k? Smooches.

Credits: One, FNKY Angel Vixen skin, fri.day Jennifer hair/cap, Poetic cat eyes, Candy Nail long prim, Atomic brown feline ears/tail, Decoy Phoenix Tee white/grey, Elymode grey Leafy skirt, Edge Grafica mourning dress tights, GOS Butterfly glasses and 8 Hole Docs, Mis baggy socks, Eolonde Christmas lights necklace. Two changes to FNKY Angel Mermaid skin, Atomic ears and tail in black, Decoy Phoenix Tee in black/olive, Elymode long simple skirt, Frippery Waltz of the Snowflakes necklace, Truth Paloma hair. Three changes to FNKY Angel Flamingo skin and Truth Paloma hair. LAP poses.


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