merry kitmas

Still semi-grounded, now I find myself adopting kitteh form to hide from a roving band of demon hunters. Nothing but shopping, decorating, and the occasional capture and torture for me.

Nothing strikes fear in the enemy like a purring snowball.

On to other news, I thought I would have exciting updates for you after the last episode, yet no. No dress. No bells. No plans. But it’s alright. I had big dreams when I started this little adventure. Now I’ve settled for having a name in the partner box to keep the asshats away.

Does it work? Not as often as you would think.

Cap’nBoinks Alot: Nice tail.

Me: *smirks* Saving up your whole life to use that line?

Cap’nBoinks Alot: (ignoring my comment) My friend is leaving in a few minutes, then you and me.

Me: Shudders and TPs back home

Some days I’d rather take my chances with the demon hunters.

Credits: 1 – LFauna Lapine snow fae skin, Truth Avery hair, Boom Snow Bunny outfit, Bax prestige white leather boots, poetic cat eyes, candy nails, Urban Dare ears and tail, elymode leopard spots tattoo, ellabella piercings. Pulling Strings hopscotch pose. 2 – Changes to Magica Cake hair, Elymode holiday edition Scooped-Out corset and long simple skirt (to be released Dec. 20), Bax suede boots, xoxo Ania pose. 3 – Changes to Cynful Divatastique dress, Truth Britney hair, Bax white leather boots. 4 – Changes to Truth Isle hair and xoxo Ania pose.


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