For reasons I won’t explain yet I’m sorta grounded. Not as in all calm and centered, more like restricted to quarters. My new RP sim life isn’t as safe as it was at first (blah blah harvesting body parts blah blah factional wars blah blah), so I spend more time sorting inventory than inspiring sin.

Though my inventory is reaching figures that rival the national debt, I still have memories attached to nearly every item. Like Tuli skins. Tuli was the first skin designer to personally give me a skin. I remember being all fangirl and honored, thinking wow, she likes what I’ve done with my av enough to let me be in her poster. Sure it sounds silly, but it was flattering. And even better, she was nice.

I’m also impressed with how far design has come in my nearly three years. My first PJs are somewhere in a box, because I can’t stand to toss out anything. Wearing them would remind me of my ex, and how we would would snuggle up on a Saturday morning, just chatting about the week or nothing at all. I wouldn’t wear those PJs now that I can have prim cuffs.

I remember destroying parts of outfits before I learned I could make a copy before modding. My destructive nature is actually how I learned to build. I demolished my first rental house and begged a friend to help me fix it before I had to fess up. Yeah, I didn’t know the owner might actually have another copy of the house. So much has changed. Today I don’t even flinch when I’m wearing a 225-prim ‘do and Ely says, “Feles, dig your hair outta yer bewbs.”

Credits: Tuli Bella FYEO and FYLO skins (1-3), AYLinE Canni hair (2), Maitreya Green II hair (1, 3), WoE Kyle/Kylei Pajamas – red (2), Linc wool panty brown (2), Candy Nail long prim color change (1-3), PC eyes shallow water (1-3), EarthStones Mara Hoop earrings (1-3), Cubic Effect leather & fur long coat brown (1-3), Linc tankdress khaki top and wool panty khaki (1, 3), BAX boots. Poses by Sunflower, Glitterati and LAP.


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