Finally, after what felt like an eternity of waiting and pacing and wishing and hoping, I get to wear the dress.


No, I don’t appear to have one of those dresses in my future. I’m talking about the dress Ely has been taunting me with for weeks. With the wrap top I won’t bother changing out of until her next release.


OK, maybe I’ll swap colors.


I was able to offer valuable input on this release, too.

Ely: Too much cleavage?

Me: Have we met?


I ā¤ Ely

Credits: (all) Elymode wrapped denim shirt, Belleza Jesse skin, Poetic cat eyes; (1) Elymode Soft Denim Skirt, Cake Dakota hair, LeeZu BohemeMia earrings; (2) Elymode Tuxedo Pants, 69 Jadore hair, Maitreya Verve pumps; (3) Elymode Lounging panties, Truth Isle hair; (4) Cake Dakota hair.


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