You Lycans Stay Outta My Yard!!!

Thinking of how to start a life with my crush on a role play sim is a bit overwhelming. His home, his friends, his history. I have to jump in or move the hell on.

In an effort to show him how enticing our life could be, I gave him a ‘lil taste of our possible future.


Will all of my dreams come true? *shrugs* I guess time will tell.


Editor’s note: While Lycans are now my sworn enemies, under different circumstances I totally would let you play in my yard ~ *rawr*

Credits: Exodi Manhattan Halloween hunt skin, Sway bathrobe set, Tiny Bird curlers, EarthStones Mara hoops, OMD pink cotton socks, Gentleman blunt, Material Squirrel horns.


2 responses to “You Lycans Stay Outta My Yard!!!

  • Salvatore Otoro

    While I can’t help laughing, I can see this will be an interesting transitional phase. I take it you could be home waiting for your crush to come home from a long day spreading sin.

    I do like the setup though. There’s not much left to this scene except you sitting out front in a rocking chair with a shotgun ready to blast lycans or any other ‘sworn enemies’ to smithereens. This scene is just so wrong on many levels; human and demonic. The scene, however, is really made by the rolling pin and the beer bottle.

  • felesseitan


    Yes, what you say is true; and it’s the sitting and waiting that can be the problem, at least I’ve learned from experience. But no matter what I am sure it will be interesting.

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