You’re what?!?!

I woke up today feeling different. A fluttery feeling in the pit of my stomach.



I think I’m happy.

Happy is probably the hardest of emotions for me, because it means I’m letting my guard down and trusting. My crush surprises me on a regular basis. Sure, he has boy moments, but those are more than offset by new experiences. Like sweet. Thoughtful. Caring. And it all leaves me not quite sure what to do.

I suppose I could relax and try to enjoy what is. Believe that my crush is sincere, and brush away thoughts of what if.


Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.

Credits: SySy Kaunis pants (1) and skirt (2) [blog pack], Elymode leafy cardi set (1) and heart cami (2), Belleza Jesse skin, Truth Piper (1) and Yvette (2) hair, poetic eyes, Kunstkammer blackheart necklace (1), Candy Nail color change, Shanti Maitreya Gold shoes, Zaara Anaya onyx cluster earrings (1), Miel Elo jewelry (2).


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