When in Rome

I’ve made no secret that my crush is a touch role play sim enchanted, which leaves me with a couple of options. I can whine to my friends, which I never, ever do. Or I can dive in, embrace my inner demon and pursue him with all of the drive of a pack of aspiring models waiting for the next Reel Expressions BOGO sale.

With permission and encouragement to express myself in a more human form for the role play I set out to find a couple of new looks, lest my crush get bored and start sniffing around the little neko tail down the street.


I’ll be honest, having to role play attracting the attention of someone I already lured into my web is annoying. While I’m delighted with the way my new powers are shaping up, I’m guessing casting the princess card IC is a bit of a party foul.

Instead I’m having to develop a character who doesn’t conjure raging storm clouds when I don’t get my way and find more enticing ways to capture his interest. Or there’s that pack of Lycans …


Editor’s note: Lycans apparently now are my sworn enemies and despite being all *rawr* I will not pursue them, unless for the kill.

Editor’s note 2: Oh, if you are reading this, baby, that whole thing about checking out anyone else was a joke merely added to entertain my readers and avoid divulging how utterly smitten I am ❤

Credits (1) Magika Lust hair, Linc Petite net version dress top (blogger pack), Elymode long simple skirt (gift in exchange for personal favors), Zaara bracelet and Armidi necklace; (2) 69 Miracle hair, La Forgia Brina jewelry set, Aoharu fur coat, Black Lace panties and garter; (both) Belleza Jesse skin, Poetic cat eyes and Candy Nail color change prim nails.


2 responses to “When in Rome

  • Salvatore Otoro

    I love checking out your blog. It has lots of quirky and funny commentary. I am also happy that things are going well for you because there is a whole different side of you showing up in your posts now. A side of you that is smiling and enjoying life even though the role play part may seem to be a bit of a hassle.

    Die hard role players like to play everything out because it lends credence to their role play. It may seem wacky at times and it may be, but play along. Weaving your character into the storyline helps with the other players as well. They have to be aware of things to an extent. It gets tricky when it becomes more of a one on one scene. I suggest using the other characters such as your crush’s friends as allies and support. Not because you need to, but what better way to be close to your crush when his friends are your friends too.

    By the way great looks in both pics and your editorial comments are a hoot as always.

  • felesseitan

    I always appreciate your commentary, since you offer great perspective on the role play experience. I’ll keep your thoughtful advice in mind. Or fall back on bribes and really short skirts 😉

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